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Project ¡Adelante! 

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LUCHA actively works to empower migrant individuals and families, with the goal of greater inclusion into the life of our community. Encouragement, training, mentoring, and education foster self confidence that leads to finding their voice.


We connect individuals to each other and seek to build community through regular group meetings, offer instruction in areas that can lead to workplace certifications or the development of small business skills, and encourage leadership through a model where participants plan and carry out the group's activities.


Take the
first step

Project ¡Adelante! is an empowerment initiative based on the idea that success depends on taking the first step forward. Adelante provides weekly classes for adults (primarily women) designed to increase skills, encourage leadership, and build community.


Through Adelante, participants choose the topics for group study and create a calendar of activities. The participants have opportunities to assume leadership roles among their peers, identify their individual gifts and skills, organize and develop self-enrichment goals, and locate the resources needed to achieve their goals and move beyond them toward genuine self-fulfillment.

A group of women at a business meeting
Project ¡Adelante! is currently inactive.
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